juggling batons

A rare and fascinating natural ability to captivate audiences”

– Megan Randolph,
Executive Director,
Musical Theatre of Madison, Wisconsin

Jacob Mills clowning around - nana nana boo boo

Jacob Mills “The Big Show”

Jacob Mills is a charismatic, multi-talented performer who draws his audiences to him and includes them in the fun that ensues. The Chicago Sun Times calls Jacob “A Hip Vaudevillian,” and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel bills him as “a clever and masterful juggler.” At once charming and ridiculous, this manic-expressive physical entertainer generates energy, excitement and inspiration for young and old alike.

Your main stage show was wonderfully entertaining, that rare combination of technical excellence and animating spirit.”

– Carolyn Hegeler,
Gandy Dancer Festival, Wisconsin

As the curtain opens Jacob draws from his comic repertoire of enduring characters, object manipulation, physical humor and keen improvisation. Whether performing his amazing horn juggling routine in New York City on ABC-TV’s “My Kind of Town,” or his incredible four-ball juggling routine on ABC-TV’s “America’s Funniest People;” singing ridiculous songs with a ukulele or performing for audiences in the Middle East, where his physical humor bridged all language barriers, just the right amount of improvisation makes every show unique and highly entertaining.

Jacob Mills’ sharp wit and agile mind kept the audience in stitches ….  He captures the fleeting moment of a gesture with quick wit… viewing him in action evokes pure joy from his many admirers…his exuberance is contagious. We welcome all opportunities to work with him again… Jacob is fantastic!”

– Barbara Bundy Jost, Director,
Rahr West Museum, Manitowoc, WI.

Jacob Mills balancing a big ladder with his teeth!

Photo: Kevin Allen Studios