School assemblies - kids acting with masks on, Jacob smiling

Performances for Schools

Jacob Mills’ “By the Seat of His Baggy Pants” is a chance to laugh and learn…all at once! With his incredible collection of masks from his travels around the world, and a cast of fun, enduring and hilarious characters, Jacob Mills blends dynamic physical expression with comic timing. Oversized white masks from the Swiss carnival celebrations and half masks from the Italian Commedia del Arte tradition enrich this fun and educational program. Characters interact with the audience and the audience gets into the act as they don the giant masks and get an on-stage lesson in physical comedy.

Jacob has performed at our school for the past 15 years. Mesmerizing Masks from around the world, Theater and Juggling. He captures the attention of all ages….an exciting and fun filled
adventure…..Jacob can make connections with almost any school related topic. I would recommend Jacob Mills to any school or business to promote motivation,life skills and especially a lot of smiles.

– Buddy Sigmon
Mt. Horeb Intermediate Center
Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

With over twenty years of experience performing in schools, Jacob Mills creates a vital rapport with young audiences. He creates a fun and exciting show that asks and answers questions of the audience, while providing them with engaging and memorable learning opportunities.

“By the Seat of His Baggy Pants” inspires projects in art, social studies, creative writing and physical skills. It underlines the importance of emotions, self expression and teamwork.

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