The many faces of Jacob Mills - instructor

Endorsement Letter

To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express my deepest enthusiasm and recommendation for the work of Jacob Mills.

My experience with Jacob has been in his role as a movement coach, speaker and workshop instructor for a production called THE GLORIOUS ONES, which my theatre company presented and I directed. This unknown musical told the story of a group of commedia dell’arte performers.

Since commedia is a virtually unknown art form today, it was difficult to gather the necessary information to provide the piece with authenticity. Through what can only be described as kismet, I was introduced to Jacob. He not only conducted a workshop with our actors but was generous enough to rent authentic commedia masks and costume pieces to the production. This resource made a phenomenal difference for the performers, for me as a director and for the show overall.

We were also lucky enough to have Jacob speak before performances of THE GLORIOUS ONES. I asked him to give a brief overview of what commedia was for the benefit of our audiences who most likely had never heard of it. He kindly obliged, bringing several masks and demonstrating different physical traits of commedia characters while making it clear the legacy that commedia has left. I received an incredible amount of feedback from audiences about how much more they understood the show because of Jacob’s explanations.

Not only does Jacob posess an encyclopedic knowledge of his craft, he has a rare and fascinating natural ability to captivate audiences. I most emphatically recommend him as a highly valuable asset to any physical theatre, performance, puppetry or voice acting needs you may have.

Feel free to contact me if you would like any further information. I can be reached at

– Meghan Randolph
Executive Director
Music Theatre of Madison, Wisconsin